Best 5 Cheap Stand Mixer Reviews

Best 5 Cheap Stand Mixer Reviews:

Any kitchen needs a stand mixer and one of the best investments you can make, especially if you love baking. However, which one should you choose that is within your budget? With us, you can find the best five cheap stand mixer reviews that are sure to fit into your budget line. Many of them may not be from the most popular brands you know such as KitchenAid or Cuisinart, but they have received some great reviews online.

Cheap Stand Mixer Reviews – Best Space-Saver


The Lorena Garcia Collapsible Stand Mixer

Many of you may not know the Lorena Garcia Collapsible stand mixer, but this appliance can handle most mixing jobs. It folds flat and is light enough to store away or leave out on the cabinet. It has a high-torque motor with a 6-speed mixing adjustment that works with most of the available home mixing appliances.

The Lorena Garcia Collapsible Stand Mixer

The Lorena Garcia Collapsible Stand Mixer

This 10-piece set has a unique folding construction that saves you loads of space, and when unfolded it opens up to a full stand mixer. You receive a cover for the appliance that protects the stand mixer when stored away and all the accessories you receive with your mixer are stored separately inside the mixing bowl.

It has an Offset mixer-designed head, making adding ingredients while rotating easier, and includes a 3.5 QT bowl. The only difference with this model is that the bowl does not self-rotate and has a 270-watt motor. The footprint of this model is small and measures 11 5 x 6 ¾ x 10 ¼ inches when opened. The mixing bowls are dishwasher safe, but the utensils need to be washed by hand.

The package includes the Lorena Garcia stand mixer, the 3.5 QT stainless steel mixing bowl, two beaters, two dough hooks, two whisks, a spatula cover, a user manual, and a recipe book. The stand mixer also features a release button for removing the attachments.


  • Has a 270-watt motor that works with a 6-speed mixing adjustment,
  • The stand mixer has a unique construction as it folds down saving you storage space,
  • It has a 3.5 QT rotating processing/mixing bowl,
  • You receive a 6-piece attachment set, cover, user manual, and recipe book,
  • Designed with an offset mixer head to add ingredients with ease,

Pros: the stand mixers are affordable with all the available attachments, powerful enough to mix anything and pack away with ease into any space, the cover is superb as it protects the mixer when stored

Cons: only the mixing bowls are dishwasher safe, the attachments are made flimsy, and you can just use the mixing bowl sent with the mixer


Cheap Stand Mixer Reviews – The Best All-Rounder

The Hamilton Beach 64650 Stand Mixer

The Hamilton Beach 64650 Stand Mixer is the best tool for a beginner. It can knead sticky dough and does all the work for you. You can even remove the mixer from the base if you want to use it as a hand mixer. It has a powerful 290-watt motor for mixing occasional batches of dough.

The Hamilton Beach 64650 Stand Mixer

The Hamilton Beach 64650 Stand Mixer

The beater comes with a variety of attachments: a whisk, two dough hooks, and two beaters. It has a 6-speed mixing action and a QuickBurst button for tailoring mixing and beating. The bowl is a 4 QT stainless steel mixing bowl with a rest bowl stabilizer.

You can buy different attachments separately for this hand mixer including the milkshake attachment.


  • The Hamilton Beach 64650 stand mixer is made from plastic and stainless steel,
  • You receive a 4 QT stainless steel bowl,
  • It has a 6-speed setting with a QuickBurst button,
  • Designed with a Bowl Rest™ mixer stabilizer,
  • Can use it as a hand mixer or stand mixer,
  • Has a 290-watt motor,
  • The bowl is shifted and stir,
  • Measures 11.1 x 9.4 x 15.4-inches and weigh 5 pounds,
  • Receive six attachments, and
  • A one-year warranty

Pros: Great for shredding chicken, affordable to buy, versatile to use both as a hand mixer and stand mixer

Cons: A cover would have been nice to prevent flour mess; the dough hook is not working as expected


Cheap Stand Mixer Reviews – The Best Design

The Ovente SM880R Stand Mixer

Okay, we can all agree that KitchenAid has the best design in stand mixers. However, in a cheaper price range, the Ovente SM880R stand mixer comes close enough. For making doughnuts, this one compares well with other high-class models.

The Ovente SM880R Stand Mixer

The Ovente SM880R Stand Mixer

It has a high-speed performance with a 300-watt motor and operates with a 6-speed precision control setting. You can choose from two different colours in the range of silver and metallic red. You have a 3.7 QT stainless steel mixing bowl, and it includes an overheat protection device. The base has a suction cup to keep the mixer steady when used.

The stand mixers are designed with an easy-adjust lever, an eject button for the attachments, and a tilt release. They measure 11 x 9.8 x 7.2 inches and weigh 4.9 pounds.


  • The Ovente stand mixer has a 300-watt motor with 6-speed precision speed control,
  • The mixing bowls are made from stainless steel with a capacity of 3.7 QT,
  • Designed with overheating protection while the base has suction cups to keep it steady while mixing,
  • The stand mixer measures 11 x 9.8 x 7.2-inches and weighs 4.9 pounds,
  • Has an easy-adjust lever, eject button, tilt release, and
  • You receive included the beaters and dough hooks with the user manual

Pros: Affordable, lightweight, fits in with any kitchen décor

Cons: mixes light items well, not great at mixing heavier dough


Cheap Stand Mixer Reviews – Best Stand Mixer for Beginners

Dash Everyday Stand Mixer

The Dash Everyday stand mixer has a 5 QT mixing bowl and is an entry-level mixer for occasional mixing. It is available in five vibrant colors: green, pale blue, pink, red, and yellow. It has a small design, measures 8 x 10.5 x 11.5 inches, and weighs 5 pounds.

Dash Everyday Stand Mixer

Dash Everyday Stand Mixer

The appliance is made from plastic and stainless steel. You receive the mixer, a mixing bowl, two beaters, two dough hooks, and a user manual with a recipe book. The accessories and bowl are dishwasher safe. The design may not compare as well with the more upmarket brands, but it still looks great.

It has a large eject button to remove and replace attachments. When held down, the button on the right of the stand mixer lifts the top back, and the different speeds work well. The mixer has a lever at the bottom that you can move left or right to set the rotation of the mixing bowl and the bowl does not spin.

Additionally, it has five suction cups to stabilize the mixer while used.


  • With the 5 QT stainless steel mixing bowl, you can get with utmost ingredients to bake different foods,
  • It has a 6-speed setting,
  • Has a small retro design and you can choose from 5 vibrant colors,
  • All the non-electric parts are dishwasher safe,
  • You receive included two beaters, two dough hooks, a user manual, and a recipe book,
  • The stand mixer measures 8 x 10.5 x 11.5-inches and weighs 5 pounds,
  • It has five suction cups to keep the stand mixer stabilized when used and has an eject button to remove attachments, a switch to tilt back the head, and the bottom lever to adjust the mixing bowl, and
  • You receive a one-year warranty

Pros: affordable, the speeds high enough to mix large batches of dough, the retro colors are high, have a small footprint, and is easy to clean

Cons: hard to remove the mixing bowl from the stand, do not mix through to the bottom of the pan at times


Cheap Stand Mixer Reviews – Great for Daily Tasks

The Sunbeam 2594 Stand Mixer

The Sunbeam 2594 stand mixers are designed similarly to the handheld rotating beaters. It is great to use with a soft dough and mixing batter on a daily basis. The appliance is a basic mixture with a tilt-head design, and there is nothing flashy about it.

The Sunbeam 2594 Stand Mixer

The Sunbeam 2594 Stand Mixer

Compared to your upmarket brands, the beaters rotate independently as the mixing bowl is free-spin. This results in a 3-way mixing rotation as it blends the ingredients. This model can be used with a 2 QT or 4 QT bowl, as it has an adjustable turntable. This is great if you have smaller tasks.

The bowls are situated in an off-center position, which helps you add ingredients while working. Furthermore, if you need an appliance to knead dough, these models are not recommended. The mixers are made of durable plastic and have a strong motor that mixes ingredients well.

It has a handle on top that helps you with the tilt and lift motion and is designed with two buttons for ease of use. The Sunbeam soft start technology minimizes splatters, which works well when adding dry ingredients. You receive two sets of attachments: one is the chrome beaters for mixing cake batter with meatloaf, and the chrome dough hooks are great for kneading a softer dough.

You can also buy the MixMaster attachments to add it to your collection of accessories. It has a powerful 350-watt motor that is great for light batter mixing. It works with a 12-speed setting so you can stir, whip, and mix. The unit has a small footprint measures 15 x 14 x 12-inches and weighs 10 pounds.

Also, it has a mixing head you can remove to help with the cleaning process.


  • It has a 350-watt motor with a 12-speed setting,
  • Designed with soft start technology that lessens splatter when adding dry ingredients,
  • Has a burst-of-power function to give that extra mixing power when needed,
  • Works with a 3-way mixing action decreasing buildup on the sides,
  • Measures 15 x 14 x 12 inches and weighs 10 pounds
  • Has an offset bowl position, and tilt-locking head, and
  • You receive a one-year warranty

Pros: has plenty of power, easy to assemble, has color-coded indicators so that you can place the attachments, lightweight,

Cons: the gears are made from plastic, not made for kneading bread dough


There is no doubt that a stand mixer is a handy model for your convenience. If we compare hand mixers and stand mixers, then the stand mixer has more functions, especially the accessories available to attach to it. The other benefit is that you need a small budget and a low investment to buy it. You will find various models with different wattages, capacities, features, and colors.

With so many options, buying one model is confusing as you don’t want your appliances to be outdated. So, to help you shop for a cheap stand mixer, we are here with some tips. Let’s start with the quality to look in the stand mixer.

Qualities To Pay Attention While Buying Affordable Stand Mixer:

  1. Mixing Power

Stand mixers have various power options ranging from 275 watts to 1000 watts and out of many are professional models. As per the job, you can choose the power. Choose the powerful one for the hard work, and if you do not have so much work, pick the smaller one.

Lower voltage can be accomplished with routine tasks like whisking and beating thinner and softer doughs—this type of dough is used for cooking and cakes. You can pick the Hamilton Beach or Sunbeam model for the lower wattage.

For mixing dough for bread, pizza, and pasta, you need to mix for a longer period for a slower time, and hence, you need a powerful motor that will last over time.

So you know which type of work you are doing more and choose the one with heavy duty and standard duty professional models as required. Some of the known names are Viking, KitchenAid, and Sunbeam. The model is less likely to move and is much heavier on the top while being used. But on the other hand, it will be harder to move and more expensive.

  1. Full Die Cast Metal Bodies

The material of the mixer can’t affect the performance in the beginning, but for a long ride, you have to consider the material. It also affects the appearance and durability. Full die-cast metal bodies are the strongest and have the most powerful motors, but yes, they are expensive. Due to the metal body, these models weigh more, and because of the weight, they give more stability and less movement.

If we consider the plastic component or model, then they are lightweight and cheap, but over time, they are less durable. Due to their lightweight, they can’t handle large batches and can’t mix frequently. Even weight and portability are directly proportional to each other. So look at the budget first, and if it allows you to pick a metal body stand mixer, then pick it as it gives you value for the long term.

  1. The Right Bowl Size

The general size of the bowl ranges from 4 to 7 quarts for known brands. A 4-quart bowl is smaller and useful for a daily task like a small cake, small batch of cookies, or mashed potatoes. For large quantities, bowls of 5 to 7 quarts are best. The 6-quart KitchenAid model bowl can handle up to 8 loaves of bread or 13 batches of cookies at one time.

The only difference between a small and a large bowl is that a large bowl reduces your work and the total number of batches for larger baking cooking. This is the primary goal of a stand mixer. Even a larger bowl can make a larger bowl size take up more space and make the small-level cooking experience more awkward. For this reason, many models provide two bowl sizes that can be useful according to batch size.

  1. Tilt Head or Bowl Lift

Tilt head mixers and bowl lift mixers have a stationary bowl, but for the title head, as the name suggests, the head is tilted to reach the bowl, whereas, for the bowl lift model, the bowl can move upward or downward with the mixing head.

Tilt-head models are shorter and can fit in small spaces, like under a cabinet or in storage, but they require additional headroom to operate. Bowl lift mixers, on the other hand, have a large bowl capacity and do not need any extra space.

Tilt-head mixers make it easier to add ingredients while working, but only if the head is locked into the bottom position; otherwise, it can spoil your kitchen.

  1. Drives and Gears

The power needed for the attachment is passed from the motor through the sets of gear or equipment. The plastic is a comparatively affordable stand mixer but can’t handle large batches continuously. Even they have a shorter lifespan than the metal alternatives. If you are looking for durable, reliable, and suited for heavy-duty work, then the steel gear KitchenAid Professional series is the best choice.

Some metal models were directly connected to the motor, and this option was not available for plastic gear. This means a barely moving and massive part causes almost no problem in the device, and it is a robust option, too.

  1. Power Hubs and Additional Accessories

Most affordable stand mixers come with attachments like whisks, a dough hook, and a mixing paddle to complete daily tasks. Other optional attachments may vary depending on the use and the model.

Higher-end choices like Cuisinart and the KitchenAid models have a powered hub that lets you attach other accessories, such as an ice cream maker, meat grinder, or pasta maker, and convert your mixer into a multi-purpose kitchen appliance. For the usual task, the standard attachments are enough. Still, the additional accessories can expand your mixer’s ability if you want to use them for professional purposes or are passionate about cooking. The maximum number of added items is 25 that can be replaced with a stand mixer, but again, they are primarily helpful for commercial purposes.

  1. Speed Settings

The mixture needs the speed setting, and most mixers come with 6 to 10 speeds. Higher speeds are used for thick mixtures like egg whites, cream, and salad dressings. Medium speeds are helpful for small batches of cookies and cake batter, and the slowest speed is valid for the toughest dough for pizza, pasta, or bread.

Starting with a slow rate can minimize the mess, and you can frequently increase the speed according to the thickness of the mixture. Some models provide a massive selection of speed settings for more variability in mixing. Note that you might need more speed for some tasks than you think.

Which Add-Ons And Attachments Are Needed For Commercial Stand Mixer Models?

  1. Countdown Timers

Some professional and high-end models have a countdown timer feature. This feature helps you do more than one task at a time by setting a time limit. Once the time limit is reached, the mixer automatically shuts off. In this way, you can take care of other work in the kitchen or other parts of the house, and you don’t have to monitor the process.

  1. More Power

We all know that high-end metal commercial and professional models give more wattage and heavier-duty motors with more horsepower. Still, they also offer motors with more torque to provide sufficient power for demanding tasks. Even models like the KitchenAid Pro series also provide a cooler to dismiss overheating during constant jobs.

  1. More Speed Control

Some professional models have a new electric speed sensor to maintain the motor’s speed irrespective of load. The KitchenAid Pro series also has this feature to adjust the speed according to the stage of the current mixing job. It can adjust itself by moving up or down according to the butter mixture.

Other models also have sensors to tell you the current speed for different tasks like mixing, folding, kneading, or whipping. Some models even have a feature that can shut down the motor if the action becomes blocked.

  1. Increased Capacity

If we compare the tilt head and bowl lift, then most high-end, affordable stand mixers have a bowl-lift design. This design is considered a more professional style due to the heaviest component, higher stability, and greater bowl size for large batch mixing. Always consider the bowl size, as a large bowl can make the task of carrying and pouring easier.

  1. Mobility and Stability

The professional and high-end mixers are heavier than the lightweight, cheap stand mixers due to factors like a whole metal body, heavy motor, etc. Although they are durable, you can’t take them in your hand and walk around the kitchen due to their high weight. All of these can make it difficult for them to move and lift. But again, some models are built with wheels to make moving easier.

  1. Power hubs

The power hub in the mixture can convert your mixer into a complete kitchen appliance and save you lots of money and kitchen space. The power hub is located on the front of the mixer. It will give easy access and the power to use multiple attachments for making ice cream, pasta, grinding meats, etc. The KitchenAid provides the best range of power hub attachments, but Cuisinart provides the same feature with fewer attachments.

  1. Add-On Features

As mentioned, models like KitchenAid provide additional attachments to the standard one. Even KitchenAid far surpasses all other competitors at this point. The Power hubs have turned the ordinary mixer into a complete kitchen appliance. With the additional attachment, almost all models have the power hub feature, which includes ice cream makers, citrus juicers, fresh pasta makers, sausage grinders, and many others to expand the multitasking work for your mixers.

  1. Food Processor

Food Processor attachment can turn your mixer into an actual food processor. It includes four discs, named a slicing, a dicing disc, a grating disc, and a julienne disc, for meats and vegetables, cutting tomatoes, onions, and peppers for making salsa and more, for cheeses and chocolate grating, and cutting fruits and vegetables for making a salad or other things like french fries. One can change the thickness of the slice without changing the blade by sliding the exterior lever. From the feed tube, one can get the large feeding pieces. And you don’t have to bother about storage as it comes with storage space.

  1. Pasta Maker Attachments

KitchenAid offers six different types of pasta-making attachments that work as a complete set for various combinations. They include a ravioli maker, a pasta roller, fettuccine, individual spaghetti, lasagne, and capellini cutters. The roller is helpful for making a sheet of pasta, and then choosing the cutter, you can make homemade pasta. You can use both hands to manage dough in a stand mixer with a pasta maker attachment.

  1. Juicer Attachment

This attachment converts your mixer into a juicing machine to make juices, jams, and sauces. Even to catch the pulp with a separate pitcher comes with three strainer sizes. The pulp shoot determines the final volume of juice content. It works best for making juices of vegetables and fruits, smoothies, and sauces of differing thicknesses. There is also a separate juicing attachment for making citrus juices.

  1. Ice Cream Maker

Who doesn’t like ice cream? And what if you can make ice cream at home? Yes, it is true with the KitchenAid ice cream maker attachment, which converts your mixer into a true ice cream maker. However, it does not fit with 7—or 8-quart bowl models. Within 30 minutes, you can make 2 quarts of soft-serving ice cream, such as sorbet, gelato, and other desserts.

To make it, you have to use the Freeze Bowl and put it in the freezer for at least 15 to 16 hours ahead of time. It is also recommended to use chilled ingredients, as they can induce the process. Please do not use the dishwasher to wash it. If you want more brutal ice cream, freeze it until you get the desired hardness.

  1. Meat Grinder

With a meat grinder, you can process your meat, vegetables, and fruit at home. This can save you money and allow you to choose what you want to eat, including the ingredients. You can make sausage, jams, and jellies. The stomper advances the object to keep it on the ground. It comes with two grinding plates, one fine and one coarse.

  1. Grain Mill Attachment

To make your baking project easier, the grain mill attachment gives you complete control. You can grind wheat, oats, corn, or any low-moisture and non-oily grain. You can make 10 cups of flour for baking bread, cookies, and cakes. With it, you can make gluten-free homemade baked goods. A control knob can adjust the consistency.

  1. Sausage Stuffer

The Sausage Stuffer KitchenAid attachment comes with a meat grinder in a combined kit. You have to purchase it separately, but with it, you can make a variety of sausages of different sizes. Again, it also controls your diet as per your choice. The kit has two tube sizes for stuffing to make kielbasa, bratwurst, breakfast sausages, and many other sausages.

  1. Attachment Packs

Various attachment packs are available for KitchenAid mixers. Each pack includes multiple attachments, which one can buy separately. Each pack consists of the food grinder as the main component, along with a slicer/shredder and sausage stuffer. Other attachments include a citrus juicer, a food tray, and a sausage stuffer. All these are good for expanding the mixer’s uses and saving money, but you have to purchase the additional attachments.

  1. Stand Mixer Covers

Mixer covers protect the stand mixer from dust and dirt. They can also decorate the kitchen when not in use. They are available in most brands, but yes, only a few models have them. Yes, the covers come in a variety of colors and shapes so that you can choose according to your kitchen decor. Some have covers to store essential things like attachments. Before buying the cover, measure it and also look for a material that is easily washable.

Best Tips To Use A Cheap Stand Mixer:

  1. Getting Started

Before starting to use the stand mixer, always read the instruction manual carefully. Know all the products and how they can be used. This will help you produce the best food products and give you information about how to maintain the mixer for long-term and maximum use.

  1. Speeds

When you pick the mixer, it comes with different speed settings. Various settings in terms of speed are specific for other jobs. It gives you control over mixing the lighter mixture with the heavy dough. A heavy batter or slow speed for mixing dry and wet ingredients is suited for the initial stage. Higher speed helps whip egg whites and creams.

  1. Mixing Tips

To achieve the desired consistency, it is always important to monitor the appearance of the mixture. Proper mixing can help to pour it into other bowls or utensils. For proper mixing, always pour the additional ingredients from the wall opposite the direction of the beater. It does not split the material over the kitchen table.

  1. Finding Recipes

When purchasing your desired mixer, look for the recipe book. The recipes in the book are for specific mixtures and designed according to the mixer’s capabilities. That’s why we say the recipe book is practical and helpful. If you find that the recipe book is not included with your stand mixer set, then go to the internet and find one according to your model specification.

  1. Other Ways

With the help of a mixer, you can try various types of food with your hand. You can invent many dishes with a mixer you can’t even do. You can make food items like mashed potatoes, marshmallows, butter, sausage, pasta, whipped cream, or shredded chicken. Yes, it needs additional attachments with standard tools, but with a single device, you can do it.

  1. Maintenance and Cleaning

After use, always clean the mixer, and before you start cleaning, take off all the attachments, turn off the main switch of the mixer, and unplug it. Almost all attachments and bowls are safe for the dishwasher but read the manual carefully before putting them into the dishwasher. For items like two quartz bowls, body, and beater shafts not made for the dishwasher. You have to clean it manually. Regular cleaning will ensure proper working and prolong life. Remember that when you are not using the mixer, plug it in and cover it.

Final Thoughts

The best five cheap stand mixers may not be up to par compared to other upmarket brands. However, they can handle the job when it comes to mixing, whipping, and light kneading. They are affordable, and many have small footprints and fabulous colors. Furthermore, these stand mixers have received some excellent reviews, with the not-so-great in between. Nevertheless, if you need a helper in the kitchen to do the necessary mixing, you are sure to find these big helpers by your side.

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