What Colors Do Kitchenaid Mixers Come In?

What Colors Do Kitchenaid Mixers Come In?

Apart from being such a helpful kitchen essential instrument, Kitchenaid Mixers can also be proved of a most elegant piece of accessory in your kitchen. Even when you are not using it, your kitchen shelf looks classic with this beautifully crafted Kitchenaid Mixer placed on it.

Breville BEM800XL Scraper Mixer

Breville BEM800XL Scraper Mixer

Vast ranges of colors combinations are available from numerous leading manufacturers and from that you can choose your best suitable color.

Even you can mix and match the color of your Kitchenaid Mixers to pair them with your home/ kitchen/ restaurant’s interiors.

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Classic series of Stand mixers offer us the vast range of colors, and amongst these dozens of colors, we can choose from that and make our everyday cooking entertaining as well as colorful.

Several Kitchenaid Mixers Colors include the following shades/ colors:

Komen Pink, Watermelon, Cranberry, Raspberry Ice, Bordeaux, Cinnamon, Candy Apple Red, Empire Red, Persimmon, Tangerine, Buttercup, Majestic Yellow, Almond Cream, Pear, Green Apple, Canopy Green, Bayleaf, Pistachio, Ice, Aqua Sky, Azure Blue, Seaglass, Crystal Blue, Cornflower Blue, Electric Blue, Blue Yellow, Cobalt Blue, Blueberry, Lavender Cream, Grape, Boysenberry, Plumberry, Espresso, Apple Cider, Toffee, Satin Copper, Canviar, Liquid Graphite, Chrome, White, Gray, Green, Black, Empire Red, Silver, Pure White, Orange and many more.

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Primary range of colors includes Black, White, Gray, etc. colors.

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