How to Grease a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer?

How to Grease a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer?

For small as well as larger families, a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer plays a vital role when it comes to preparing various dishes and salads. Being such helpful in the kitchen, the stand mixer also requires a bit of care and servicing. To make it work efficiently for a longer period, one must keep the proper attention to the outer as well as inner parts of the Kitchenaid Stand Mixer.

Sometimes, you can’t do everything by yourself, and also afraid that once you open the instrument, you won’t be able to put it back the way it was. But not anymore! Here is the detailed guide with a description regarding each step for greasing a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer, all by yourself.

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Once you get started for the first time, then you’ll surely be able to lubricate a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer from time to time. Read the stepwise details below:

How to Grease a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer?


Firstly, you will need a few accessories to grease the stand mixer. You will need:

  • Small Screwdriver #0
  • Medium Screwdriver #1
  • Medium Blade Screwdriver
  • Small Utility Knife
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Brake Cleaner for cleaning cabinet
  • Toothbrushes or Soldering Brushes
  • Small container or Dish to keep unscrewed screws from the instrument
  • Tissue Papers or a napkin

Steps to Follow for Grease Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

Steps to Follow for Grease Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

Steps to Follow for Grease Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

  • Step 1: Take your Kitchenaid Stand Mixer and find a safe place for holding it while you will be cleaning it. The Safer position would be, nearby open window, on the table.
  • Step 2: Just to make everything sure, and no one accidentally plugs in the stand mixer, wrap plastic around the plug and bind it with a rubber band.
  • Step 3: Now, on the back of your mixer, there are two small screws. You have to remove them through the Chrome Strip.
  • Step 4: To remove the Chrome Strip, remove the back cover first.
  • Step 5: As you unscrew these screws, keep them in the dish/ container so that you don’t lose any of them.
  • Step 6: There is a metal ring, which you can remove gently with the help of Blade Screwdriver. If it doesn’t come out quickly, tap on it and keep repeating it, lightly.
  • Step 7: Now take the ring aside and clean it and then gently lay the mixer on the side and there will be four screws which you will see now.
  • Step 8: Unscrew them and go to the black knob thing.
  • Step 9: You will see a Planetary Housing, also known as Snout, take it out by unscrewing necessary screws. For that, you will need a small screwdriver.
  • Step 10: The entire part will come out, but before that, you might need to move it in round shapes, after that it will fall off.
  • Step 11: As you get it out, you will see old grease, smelling not so good.
  • Step 12: You need to remove old grease from the entire part using a utility knife or brush. Old grease would most probably be orange or brown coloured.
  • Step 13: There will be three more screws surrounded to the gear tower, take them out too.
  • Step 14: Gently push down the tower with the help of #0 screwdriver. Now, remove grease from all these parts too.
  • Step 15: Apply new grease to each of these gears and shafts with the help of brush/ utility knife. And then as you finish greasing them, re-assemble these parts same way you undid them.

Final Words:

You are now all set, successfully greased your Kitchenaid Stand Mixer and it is back at your service for all your chopping, slicing, whipping working. Also, here many users might worry about available stores or platform to purchase a grease for their kitchen appliances, so to answer them, we would like to add that you can purchase a premium quality grease from e-commerce stores like amazon, and nearby shopping malls, and stores.

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