Does Kitchenaid Mixer Have a Juicer Attachment?

Does Kitchenaid Mixer Have a Juicer Attachment?

When you choose a Kitchenaid Mixer, at first you must get to know about your Kitchenaid Mixer and suitable attachments with it. Individually, based as per your requirements of various operations, one must choose accordingly. For more of activities and features, select a powerful motor and from leading and trusted manufacturer, this way your Kitchenaid Mixer is more likely to allow you do multiple tasks with it.

As we all know, primary uses of a Kitchenaid Mixer vary from Chopping, Grinding, Whipping, Blending, Making Dough, Juicer and much more.

Mainly some people might be wondering about Juicing, whether their Kitchenaid Mixer can work out as Juicer or you will need a separate juicer for working it out.

Well, for that answer, you will need specific attachments, and with that, you can get various things done.

For juicer requirements, there are two types of attachments available viz.

  1. Citrus Juicer Attachment
  2. Major Juicer

Let’s discuss more each of these types of attachments and their features:

Citrus Juicer Attachment:

For getting juice from fruits such as Oranges, or mostly those which can be cut into two pieces. It would be great usage for Lemons, Limes, Oranges, Grapefruit, etc. fruits. It is quite easy to assemble with your stand mixer.

Along with that, you also get more of attachments for tasks including Straining Pulp, Seeds removing, etc.

Major Juicer

Vegetables such as Carrots can be juiced out with this attachment. Other leafy greens can also be used with this, and it juices out the pulp from them.

For best results, use suitable Kitchenaid Mixer Attachments and get desired output through them.

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