How much is a Kitchenaid Artisan Mixer?

How much is a Kitchenaid Artisan Mixer?

Undoubtedly, a Kitchenaid Artisan Mixer is of great help to various, almost all the kitchen needs for whatever you are making. But for that, you got to pay the price.

You can choose how much price you are willing to pay. Also, there is a various affordable range of Kitchenaid Artisan Mixers available in the market. Based on multiple features and some other aspects, they are given the specific price range.

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Hamilton Beach 63227 Stand Mixer

Hamilton Beach 63227 Stand Mixer

Mainly, as per the Motor, Material Used, Features/ Operations it can do, the price is based on these factors. The higher range you choose, they provide more of advanced features, and they can workout finely as compared to the average range.

Various artisan series have been designed for different purposes. Some of them are for general/ personal usage whereas some are for large families. Also, there is some professional range available which are best suited for restaurants and professional usage.

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So now let’s see:

How Much is a KitchenAid Artisan Mixer?

Mainly, there are two categories viz. Core and Mini Stand Mixer.

So, for instance, let’s assume that you have the budget around 300$, then you are most likely to receive 5 Qt. KitchenAid Artisan Ksm150ps would be the best buy.

It is precisely because, on Amazon, the product has received more than 7000 reviews, from satisfied customers.

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If you want to buy a stand mixer at low rates, the range would start from around 200$ and will go higher with more of features it offers.

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